Green Community Solution

Green Community

Green Community Solution is perfect in combination with photovoltaic (PV) and combined-heat-and-power (CHP) units

The shift towards renewable energy generation requires a local and decentralized energy supply. Our intelligent green community solution combined with PV installations and CHP units matches decentralized generation with local demand. It ensures a reliable and efficient energy supply by:

  • Increasing self-consumption of green energy.
  • Reducing the electricity bill by replacing expensive electricity from the grid with the local and clean renewable energy.
  • Stabilizing and relieving the distribution grid. No expensive investment on upgrading the grid is needed.
Bosch Storage Solution Power

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All technical details on our
Green Community Solution at a glance

  • Solutions features
    • High-tech lithium-ion battery: proven track-record with high life cycle and safety
    • Modular cabinet solution, adaptable to customer needs and with minimal installation effort
    Technical Data  
    Power from 22 kW up to 75 kW
    Installed Energy from 37 kWh up to 372 kWh
    Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
    Installation site Indoors
    Enclosure Cabinets 600 x 1800 x 600 mm³
    Protection features Overtemperature, over/under voltage protection, interlock loops, alarms
    Technology Lithium-Ion
    Expected cycle life > 4500 cycles
    Expected calendar life > 10 years
    Round-trip efficiency > 95 %
  • Project Reference

    Our Green Community Solution proven in Kelsterbach, Germany

    Our Green Community Solution is helping a pioneering housing complex close to Frankfurt to move towards a self-sufficient renewable energy supply while reducing the energy supply cost. Bosch supplied an intelligent storage system with an installed capacity of 130 kWh. It stores the excess generation of the installed combined-heat-and-power unit and photovoltaic system and releases it when needed. As a result a high level of autarky is achieved, use of clean energy is optimized and the local grid is relieved.


    • SÜWAG utility

    Storage system

    • 50 kW / 130 kWh
    • Lithium-ion batteries: 7 battery cabinets
    • 2 power conditioning cabinets
    • 3 phase system


    Our Green Community Solution proven in Kelsterbach