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IRES 2017

From 14/02 – 16/03/2017 you can find Bosch Energy Storage Solution on the IRES 2017 at Düsseldorf again.

Visit us in hall 8b, booth C18 - Get informed about energy storage solutions:

  • Application-optimized system design
  • Turnkey system installation
  • Intelligent control and connectivity
  • Consultancy, service and maintenance

For further information you can visit the IRES Homepage:


We are looking forward to your visit!

Presentation of dena-NETZFLEXSTUDIE in Berlin

German Energy Agency (dena) presented the results of dena-NETZFLEXSTUDIE on 02.03.2017 in Berlin. Participants of battery system integrators, BNetzA, industry associations, TSO, DSO, utilities, municipal utilities and research institutes listened to interesting presentations. The kore messages of dena-NETZFLEXSTUDIE are:

  • Multi-use of flexibility options increase profitability
  • Multi-use of flexibility options can optimize grid extension in distribution grid
  • Modification of legal and regulatory requirements allows an economically optimal utilization of flexibility options

Product manager Mr. Bubeck represented Bosch Energy Storage Solutions at this event. He talked with several participants and discussed with them about advantages of stationary battery storage solutions as important flexibility option to relive distribution grids.

Cooperation with EnBW

Now Bosch and EnBW are jointly developing an energy storage system that will be deployed on the power plant site of EnBW in Heilbronn. It will provide frequency regulation that means it will balance short-term fluctuation in the grid. Planned is a tight cooperation for battery solutions for the energy market. In the first step both companies would like to found a project company that will be responsible for project planning, construction, connection and operation of the battery.


E-World 2017

From 07/02 – 09/02/2017 you can find the Bosch-Group on the E-World 2017 in Essen again. At hall 6, booth 312 we are waiting for you and looking forward to inform you about interconnected energy solutions.

Bosch-Solutions for the energy sector are helping you to cope with the challenges within all steps of the value chain. From production, to storing and securing power and energy we are supporting you with advice and assistance.  

For further information in advance you can visit our Homepage:


We are looking forward to your visit!

7. Windenergieabend in Stuttgart / Baden-Württemberg

The seventh edition of industry event “Windenergieabend in Stuttgart” organized by EnBW and WindEnergy Network took place in Stuttgart on 10.11.2016. Participants of this event according the motto “Networking in North and South for more regional value creation” represented several branches of wind energy industry. Project developers, wind generator manufacturers, lawyers, politicians and scientists listened to interesting presentations about latest trends in wind energy industry. Product manager Mr. Bubeck represented Bosch Energy Storage Solutions at this event. He talked with several participants and discussed with them innovative applications of battery storages with wind farms.