Power Storage Solution

Power Storage Solution

Our Power Storage Solution opens up new opportunities for renewable integration and grid stabilization.

Our Power solution is designed for utilities, renewable operators or industrial customers seeking a flawless integration of renewable in the power grid. Wind and solar energy are by nature intermittent. Their fluctuating behavior stresses the stability of the power grid leading in many cases to curtailment of renewables. Clean energy is frequently wasted. Our Power Storage Solution solves these challenges, providing significant benefits:

Our power Storage solution solves these challenges, providing significant benefits:

  • Shape solar and wind generation profile.
  • Provide grid congestion relief: installed close to a wind or solar park, it absorbs the excess energy and avoids curtailment of wind or solar generation during grid congestion periods.
  • Increase local consumption: no expensive grid extensions are needed.
  • Provide ancillary services including frequency regulation for stabilizing the power grid.
  • Generate additional revenues in the energy trading market.
  • Reduce fuel consumption: replace polluting and expensive diesel generation by clean and affordable energy in remote areas and islands.
Bosch Storage Solution Power

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All technical details on our Power
Storage Solution at a glance

  • Solution features
    • High-tech lithium-ion battery: proven track-record with high life cycle and safety
    • Scalable in power and energy, according to customer-specific needs
    • Containerized solution: ease of transport and installation
    Technical Data  
    Power min 100 kW up to 3 MW
    Installed Energy min 200 kWh up to 10.4 MWh
    Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
    Installation Outdoors
    Enclosure ISO shipping containers
    Protection features Overtemperature,over/under voltage protection, interlock loops, alarms, fire suppression
    Technology Lithium-Ion
    Expected cycle life > 4500 cycles
    Expected calendar life > 10 years
    Round-trip efficiency > 95 %
  • Project reference

    Our Power Solution proven in project Braderup, Germany

    Our solution is one of Europe’s largest hybrid batteries which stores the electricity generated at a community wind farm in the northern German municipality of Braderup and feed it back into the power grid as needed. Bosch designed and built the hybrid system, which has a total capacity of 3.4 megawatt hours (MWh). Comprising a 2.4 MWh lithium-ion storage unit and a 1 MWh vanadium redox flow battery, the energy storage plant operates with electronic controls and software specially developed by Bosch. Besides avoiding grid congestions and thereof the construction of new power lines, the stored electricity is used for the wind farm’s own consumption and grid stabilization. Additionally, the system participates in the electricity exchange market and in the reserve market to provide fast power.


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